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We’re altering the fabric of global supply chains—and giving children a second chance.


Our Handmade Wool rugs are mainly made from the hand-processed wool of Tibetan sheep reared in Tibet and woven using the Tibetan knot – being Tibetan rugs knotted in Nepal, with the heritage of being both beautiful and everlasting.

Tibetan sheep's wool is unusually long, springy, strong and shiny compared to that of other sheep and takes dye very well. The rugged, matted tresses are teased into flossy regularity, spun into long strands which are themselves bunched into loops, dipped into boiling vats of color, whirled into balls of yarn and only then intricately knotted into a gorgeous rug that will last for many decades to come.


Genuine Craftmanship


The Raw wool

Raw wool is sorted by hand which is then washed to remove impurities. After carting the wool, the dying process starts and finally the wool spinner prepares the Yearn for the Weavers.




Our rugs are woven on large looms that can easily be set to accommodate custom shapes and sizes. Cotton threads are vertically warped around each loom which provides for the strong foundation of our rugs. Once the loom is ready, yarns are knotted around each cotton thread stretched horizontally and vertically across frames.

washing 2.jpg


The smallest details matter

We ensure that our rugs are washed thoroughly in an eco-friendly manner with natural soap and spring water thereby making it not only safe, but also providing a natural shine to our rugs. Our facility is also equipped to collect, filter and store rain water to reuse it during dry seasons. After washing the Rugs are set out for Drying and stretching and as the the last part of the Rug making, our high skilled trimmers finalize the Rugs and they are ready for shipment.

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