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The Raw Material



Tibetan Wool has extraordinary natural properties. It is springy, resilient and even flame-resistant - it smoulders rather than burns. It binds into yarn that can be spun, takes dye well, has impressive insulating qualities and is flexible and hard wearing. It is also hypoallergenic, resists static electricity and is warm, comforting and soft to touch. The wool is also rich in lanolin, a naturally produced waxy oil which helps protect the animal from the ferocity of the elements and makes its fleece more durable and water-resistant – the lanolin only remain in the wool if its hand processed like Rugs from Mossroom Rugs.


Our rugs also come’s in Silk or a mix of wool and Silk - the combination leads to a super-soft texture which designers adore. Silk is immensely durable and will resist physical wear, while its gorgeous lustre catches the light and its contrasting texture can be used to highlight the Pattern or frame design. Silk is also very attractive to bare feet and deliciously tactile. - And absolutely the most luxurious rugs if made in pure silk.

Tencel Silk

We also use Tencel silk in our Rugs, but mainly as a mix of Tencel silk and Wool – this gives the rug a chalky medium shine effect, which we simply adore.

Tencel silk is a type of natural viscose. Cellulose is extracted from the plant and formed into a sticky paste. After extraction, the cellulose is then left to dry. Once dried, it is expelled to become a soft silky fiber, which can be dyed and used in the production.

Tencel is the most Eco' friendly artificial silk.

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