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We thrive to make beautiful rugs
in a responsible and sustainable way

For more than two decades, GoodWeave has implemented and  refined a set of  market-driven programs to stop child labor. Our holistic approach aims to heal and educate those children who have been exploited, while changing the underlying root causes. Our work has led to an overall reduction in  incidence of child labor in GoodWeave-inspected supply chains, as well as to freedom and education for children.  We are also setting a roadmap with suppliers to improve working conditions for all workers.  We’ve accomplished these results in partnership with 350 companies worldwide.

GOODWEAVE -More then 152 million children are forced into labor.

Together we can restore their childhoods.

Mossroom is proud to be a registered member of GoodWeave - a non profit organisation that secures that no child labour is used in any of its registered productions. Fore every purchase made in Nepal & India a percentage of the cost of goodweave labeled rugs we help and support a better life for the children and their families.

Look for the label!

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